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UV Isotope Plutonium Pink Hybrid Airbrush Makeup 4oz

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Here is why Atomic is different by Dutch!~ Basically the neons, though incredible, are still translucent to a degree. While the primaries are a lot more opaque. I wanted the best of both worlds. Colors that would go on opaque but have that neon brilliance in natural light applications. And as the picture shows, they still fluoresce in black-light and POP in the sun light!.I used this approach to amp up the rest of the primary and secondary colors with some UV punch. The "Atomic" colors dry bright and vibrant with one coat!

ProAiir from ShowOffs is the smoothest flowing, longest lasting, most durable hybrid makeup ever made. ProAiir Hybrid was developed with the professional makeup artist in mind for spray-ability, sponge and brush application with water, smudge proof coverage and durability. ProAiir Hybrid is manufactured in the United States, made fresh and tested by the Consumer Safety Products Association as "skin safe" using only FDA approved cosmetics and pigments. When applied correctly, ProAiir can last 1-3 days, but fades over time like regular beauty makeup.

Application: Shake well before use. For use with an airbrush gun and system. Use with adequate ventilation in area. Best when applied to cleansed areas.

Removal: ProAiir Hybrid is waterproof! Remove with liquid soap first, and rinse with water.

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