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Svetlana Keller Practice Block - Adult's Edition

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This Board is 11.7" x 8.3" inches in size. Includes 1 Youth male face in color on a convenient sheet size format for easy storage.

Perfect for practicing and developing new designs. These are also great for showcasing your work by photographing and printing in color to display on the job, on your website or to send to clients.
The Ultimate Face Painting Block Adult's Edition. 50 Top-bound detachable sheets on high-quality paper featuring colorful images of children's full faces, side profiles, and arms to practice many designs from different angles. Protective boomerang shield to help you paint around the hair and eyes. Great for right-handed artists.

Svetlana Keller Practice Blocks can be used with water-based face paints. Unlike the practice boards, these are not washable. These would be great to use to laminate and use as a display of your work, flip book of your designs, use as examples when you teach classes, or bring to conventions to practice along with and take notes.

Multiple designs available through the Art Factory

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