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Svetlana Keller Guide - Colorful & Fun Designs by Elodie Ternois

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This Board is 11.7" x 8.3" inches in size. Includes 1 Youth male face in color on a convenient sheet size format for easy storage.

Perfect for practicing and developing new designs. These are also great for showcasing your work by photographing and printing in color to display on the job, on your website or to send to clients.
The Ultimate Face Painting Guide - Colorful & Fun Designs by Elodie Ternois is comprised of 30 high-quality design sheets to practice 10 designs. Designs included are Rainbow and Unicorn, Fairy, Ice Queen, Pumpkin, Spider, Dragon, Skull Dolphin, Reindeer, and Realistic Unicorn.

For each full design there are two sheets to practice along with the step-by-step instructions. There is also one sheet featuring the complete design on a face. This guide also comes with one clear practice board that you can place on top of the designs to work on that can be washed and reused over and over again. Bonus 3 FREE stencils included created by world-renowned airbrush artist- Wiser Oner that can be used along with these fun designs.


Elodie is an award-winning face painter and an international instructor from France. She is well-known for her adorable cartoony-type face paintings, full of bright colors and sparkly glitter. Each one of Elodie�s designs is a unique piece of art, which is admired by artists all over the world. In this �Colorful & fun designs� step-by-step collection, Elodie shares her tips and tricks with you, to help your skill level grow.

Multiple Svetlana guides, blocks and designs available through the Art Factory

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