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Soft Rainbow Pixie Rainbow Cake by Silly Farm

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Rainbow cakes weigh approximately 2.2oz

Silly farm exclusive Rainbow cakes are revolutionizing the way we paint. Rainbow cakes are multicolored containers of paint that allow you to lay don several colors at once. Rainbow cakes are excellent for base work for ny design. Special limited edition Pixie Rainbow cakes have been created by Jenny Saunders.

To use
: Dampen your sponge or mist the top of the rainbow cake and then swipe sponge across the top of the cake, then apply to the skin.
Expect 100500 applications per rainbow cake. for best results use a spray bottle to wet your rainbow cakes and rub a half sponge across the top of the rainbow cake. *Rainbow cakes are handcrafted, there maybe be slight imperfections in some cakes.

Customer Reviews

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Painted Rainboos
Not exactly sure why I was shocked

My jaw literally dropped when I swatched this paint on my arm. The application was smooth and vivid and made my heart flutter. I almost didn’t want to put it in my paint kit and instead sneak it into my makeup kit but the entire reason I started painting was to share the joys of color so it’s in my paint kit lol

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