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138 Pterodactyl Dinosaur - Set of 5 - Art Factory Glitter Tattoo Stencils

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Delight in Dinosaurs with the Soaring Pteranodon Stencil

Who Doesn't Love Dinosaurs?! Our soaring Pteranodon stencil is always a hit with kids. Perfect for glitter artists, face painters, and festival operators, this three-layer stencil lets you create dazzling glitter tattoos that kids adore. Dress it up with dark green or jade rainbow jewel glitter for a stunning effect.

Durable and Long-Lasting Our glitter tattoos will last up to 3-7 days, depending on care, ensuring continuous fun and excitement.

Simple Application Guide

  1. Prepare the Stencil: Remove the paper backing and apply the stencil to the skin.
  2. Remove the Top Layer: Discard the clear top coat.
  3. Apply Body Glue: Fill in the tattoo area with a thin layer of body glue.
  4. Add Glitter: Wait for the glue to dry, then brush on glitter.
  5. Reveal the Tattoo: Carefully remove the stencil to showcase the beautiful design.

Versatile for Various Uses These stencils are versatile and can also be used with Festival Inks instead of glue and glitter for vibrant, inked designs.

Ideal Size Measuring 2.6x2 inches, this stencil is perfect for creating eye-catching designs with ease.

Enhance your events with our high-quality Soaring Pteranodon Stencil. Ideal for glitter artists, face painters, and festival operators, this stencil is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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