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ProAiir Solids Hybrid Trauma Water Resistant Makeup Palette

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Create water resistant, smudge proof effects. Perfect for hot, sweaty or wet events. This palette contains 7 grams of the following colors: Yolk Yellow, Bruise, Blood Red, Road Rash, Old Blood, Black. Each 6 color palette includes a 1 ounce bottle of ProLong.

This highly pigmented Hybrid formula is great for brush and sponge to create water resistant masterpieces.

To Remove: Use makeup remover, liquid and/or exfoliating soap, baby oil or isopropyl alcohol.

Activated by ProLong to keep the rich pigment color. for more transparent effects use 91% alcohol. Cracking & air bubbles are cause due to missing of phthalates (soft plastics), are normal.

Solids are a phthalatefree (contain no plasticizers). Also gluten free, not tested on animals and skin safe.

*Palette, Pallet, Pallete, Pallette*


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