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808Y Reindeer - Set of 5

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 Everyone’s favorite Christmas animal is the reindeer! Celebrate the beautiful creature and the merriest of holidays with this flying reindeer layered stencil— three layers to be exact. This stencil adheres to skin quickly and firmly so you can create any type of body and face art in a cinch despite any merriment that might be going on around you as you work. You’re able to execute professional lever glimmer temporary tattoos! Unleash your creativity by using this Santa’s reindeer adhesive stencil to paint a beautiful, detailed scene complete with a snowy sky or let the little guy fly solo in a flurry of glitter. Shop today and receive free shipping on select orders!

How to Apply: Remove paper backing to apply the stencil to the skin. Once placed, discard the clear top coat and fill in the tattoo with a thin layer of body glue. Wait to dry then brush on glitter and remove the stencil. These stencils can also be used with Festival Inks in place of glue and glitter.

This stencil is 2.5x2.25 inches


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