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Paint Pal Beautiful Butterfly 3/8in Angle Brush by Cameron Garrett

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Cameron Garrett teamed up with Silly farm and Paint Pal to create a line of brushes to help you improve your roses, add pizzazz to your butterflies and master your dagger stroke. The Romantic Rose and Beautiful Butterfly brushes are angle brushes made with synthetic hair. The Beautiful Butterfly is similar to a 3/8 angled brush and the Romantic Rose brush is similar to a 1/2 angle brush.

The Paint Pal brush line was created by painters for for painters. Each brush was designed to help painters accomplish the best lines and stokes. Paint Pal brushes were tested to withstand repeated use in water, to hold up and deliver the best lines, and to be comfortable to use. The lightweight handle makes each brush a soft grip and allows for better control. The synthetic bristles hold on to the make up and allow for an even application.The Paint Pal Tear Drop Brush is the ideal brush to create perfect tear drops. The Tear Drop Brush has a nice thin point with a bod body to help you press and lift for perfect body tear drops to embellish any design.

To use: Submerge brush in water and rub on the surface of the make up until you build a lather. Then apply directly to the skin.

To clean:Rinse with water and Lush Brush brush cleaner

Important Notes: To get the most of your brushes, store in a place that will not bend the tips or flatten the bristles. It is recommended that you do not leave your brushes soaking in water because you will bend the tips and cause separation of the bristle hairs.

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