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NEO for Iwata BCN Siphon feed Dual Action Airbrush

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SKU N2000
NEO for Iwata Series airbrushes are designed to deliver soft, effortless coverage at low air pressures, making them an easy choice for many types of spray applications.

NEO BCN Siphon feed Dual Action Airbrush is perfect for general spray projects and artist who will be using larger amounts of spray medium. One of the benefits of siphon feed airbrushes is that you can purchase additional bottles and have them prefilled and ready to go with your favorite colors, allowing for quick color changes. NEO BCN comes with one 1 oz / 30 ml bottle. *Additional bottles sold separately.

fine atomization is achieved with the smallest air compressors, making NEO an affordable option for general purpose spraying and for anyone wanting to airbrush for the first time.

Optimal working pressure 08 20 psi (0.06 0.14 Mpa). Screw on nozzle type, N5Needle, needle cap, nozzle, nozzle cap.

**This product is dropships from Iwata. Please allow extra 34 days for delivery of this product. If you need a rush order, please contact us**

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