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Bruise Wheel By Mehron

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The ProColorRing Bruise Palette by Mehron includes all of the various colored makeup needed to create the different coloring of the stages of a bruise. The bruise wheel contains the colors needed to create bruises from the initial red of a fresh bruise to the yellowishbluegreen of a healing bruise. Colors included: Bloody Rose, Midnight Sky, Burnt Maroon, Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow. 1 oz.

Create stunning, realistic-looking bruises with the Bruise Wheel by Mehron. This professional cream makeup is designed for easy application, with five shades for creating fresh and aged bruises as well as a healing effect. Plus, the product comes with a Colorset Powder and Makeup Remover for easy removal afterwards. Ideal for special effects makeup, not suitable for children under 3.


Size: 1oz/28gr


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