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GTX Neon Budgie Green 60g

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Neon Budgie Green is a striking and refined hue of green.

Each GTX color comes in a hinged plastic container measuring 2.75" x 3.75"  and contains 60 grams of makeup, which is slightly more makeup than the average rainbow cake.

This line of makeup was created with the creative process in mind. It is meant to be experimented with, making it the perfect paint for cutting and creating your own split cakes.  It's soft and pliable textures makes it the perfect paint for repotting and replenishing existing cakes.  GTX recommends wearing gloves while repotting their makeup, not only to keep your hands clean, but also to help prolong the life span of the makeup. 

GTX is a makeup with a high glycerine content, with a clay-like consistency and does not require much water to activate.  Wearing this makeup on the skin is soft and comfortable for both the wearer and the artist.

One of the newest brands on the market, GTX was created by a small family owned business out of Georgetown, Texas.  You can see all of the love and joy used to create these products reflected in the funny and endearing names given to each new color, a reflection of their affection for their home of Texas.

This product allows artists to easily create custom one-strokes and splitcakes using their square boxes, stamps, and crafting knife. With regular and custom sized boxes available, the possibilities for color combinations are endless.


Regarding the GTX neon paints, it's important to note that while some of our UV/neon colors may not be FDA approved for use as cosmetics, they are made with ingredients that are considered safe by the US FDA for use as "novelty paints and special effects (SFX) products." Our GTX neon paints are specifically designed to create black light glow effects and are labeled and sold as Special FX products. They can be used on paper, clothing, over prosthetics, and other surfaces. They are specifically NOT to be used around the eyes. 

Please note that the USA FDA compliance status for cosmetic safety may vary among different neon/UV products, including  GTX paints. Manufacturers have labeled these products as Special FX to clearly indicate their intended use and comply with applicable regulations. It is crucial to review the specific regulations of your country regarding the use of neon paints. (IN THE USA we have these labeled for SFX.) 

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