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Black Henna Lace Kit

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Please note: Black Henna Lace is made using only skin safe ingredients. Our products do not contain any trace of black henna or PPD Ingredients. Henna Lace was created to provide safe alternative to black henna items sold online.

Black Henna Lace kit includes: One 1/2 oz bottle of black Henna Lace, two luer lock tips in super fine 24 gauge and fine 22 gauge, empty bottle for alcohol flushing, precision qtips, instruction card, tip closure, and an ultra fine pin to unclog the tips.

If cared for properly your henna lace design should last about 3-7 days on the skin. (fingertip designs normally last 1-2 days)

No peeling or scraping necessary; Black henna lace dries in about 15-20 minutes and stays slightly raised. Henna Lace will not stain the skin like natural henna would, and totally waterproof once dry.

For added sparkle, try adding glitter or pearl powders to your design right before it dries. for best results, try to match the glitter to the Henna Lace colors as close as possible.

Once finished with your design, be sure to put the white cap back on tightly to prevent drying out.

If you have been using traditional henna paste in a cone before, you may want to transfer he content of the bottle to a hand rolled cone. It is easier to apply and will keep your hands rested. Just remember to empty the remaining of the cone back into the product's bottle for storage.

Customer Reviews

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It's okay

I got this for my daughter. I don't know if we didn't use it correctly or what, but we tried it with stencils and it all came off really stetchy looking. We tried it free handing a tattoo stencil and it was a little better dried thicker. She added some glitter to it to play around. It was alright for a teenage girl. The art factory has been amazing though. Love the company. Fast shipping and great service.

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