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810 Gingerbread - Set of 5

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There’s something about holiday cookies that simply make you smile— especially joyful little gingerbread people! Bring the same happiness that a warm plate of cookies can invoke with this charming gingerbread man adhesive stencil. This cute little guy is complete with three gum drop buttons, royal icing inspired details and a little hair curl right down his forehead. Our smiling gingerbread boy stencil is made of solid three layers, along with a sticky adhesive bottom. In addition to the assortment of Christmas stencils, we also have stencils appropriate for almost every other holiday!

Glitter tattoos will last up to 7 days depending on care.

How to Apply: Remove paper backing to apply the stencil to the skin. Once placed, discard the clear top coat and fill in the tattoo with a thin layer of body glue. Wait to dry then brush on glitter and remove the stencil. These stencils can also be used with Festival Inks in place of glue and glitter.

This stencil is 2.3x2.7 inches


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