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R06 Dragon Storm Ooh! face Painting Stencil

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The 'Storm' line was created from a hurricane symbol, and that's how we envisioned using them. At the 'eye' you have a primary design. It's shape allows you to spin it around and put accent pieces where you like them. The natural flow of the stencil's shape works perfectly with the contours of the face.

This fantastic Dragon stencils was designed with sponsored artist Simona Rad. Check out her Instagram Channel as she'll be doing a video on how to use it.

The stencil includes the head and neck structure, a separate eye/mouth bit and triangular shaped dragon scales; perfect for going over the wings.

This stencils works great with both a sponge or airbrush.

Dimensions are approximately 3.6' x 5.5'

All stencils are laser cut from 7 mil mylar. They are durable, easy to clean and solvent proof.

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