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Fusion Lodie Up Face Painting Pink Palette - Elodie's Pastel Delights

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The Lodie Up Face Painting Palette, designed by Elodie, from Lodie Up Face Painting, features 6 pastel colors - soft pink, yellow, orange, mint green, light blue, and lilac. These exclusive colors are currently unavailable in a larger size.

To Apply: get your brush or sponge wet, then load with the paint.
Remove with soap and water.

You should store your Fusion paints in a cool, dry place away from a direct source of light. Let air dry in-between uses or gigs.

Fusion Body Art Paints DO NOT contain perfume, parabens or lanolin. Fusion cakes are vegan and they are NOT tested on animals

The case is
approximately 7.5" x 2", holding 25 grams of paint, 4 grams per color. The containers are removable for individual use and easy to clean.

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