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216 Hibiscus - Set of 5 - Art Factory Glitter Tattoo Stencil

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Tropical Hibiscus Flower Stencil: Add tropical flair with our hibiscus flower stencil. Ideal for face painters and body artists, perfect for any occasion. Glitter tattoos last 3-7 days, ensuring lasting beauty and charm.

Long-Lasting Glitter Tattoos

Our glitter tattoos last 3-7 days with proper care, making sure your magical designs stay vibrant throughout any event.

Easy Application Process

  1. Remove the paper backing and apply the stencil to the skin.
  2. Discard the clear top coat.
  3. Apply a thin layer of body glue and let it dry.
  4. Brush on glitter and remove the stencil.

For an alternative, use Festival Ink instead of glue and glitter.

Size: 2.5x2.8 inches

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